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Royal Courts

The Fraternity may grant a charter to any group of members under the procedures established in the Fraternity Laws, while retaining all powers in regards to charters delegated to the Fraternity. When members are allowed a charter as a Chapter, they agree to comply with the duties and responsibilities incumbent upon Chapters as provided in the Fraternity Laws. All Chapters are virtually independent of the Fraternity. Each Chapter establishes its own dues, assessments, and charges; elect its own officers. None of the Chapters have any authority to act for or bind the Fraternity. None of the Chapters are a subsidiary of the Fraternity. Each chapter is distinct from one another. Each Royal Court of Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Inc. will develop their own Bylaws that cannot supersede the Fraternity Bylaws. The Royal Courts will give members in the local area the service of Brotherhood close to home. The Royal Courts make up the fraternity's state to state body of our organization.

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