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Mighty Warriors Youth Affiliate

The Brothers of Mu Beta Phi take pride in providing mentorship programs, geared toward teaching young adolescent males the essential skills needed to become a positive and proactive contributor in life. Through our “Mighty Warriors” program, we have brothers who are professionally trained as certified Instructors, Master Training Specialist (MTS), State Licensed Educators and Curriculum Developers.  We have dedicated ourselves to developing a highly successful program with an official crossing ceremony upon completion.

Herculean Effort Foundation

Our Herculean Effort Program is geared towards helping to eradicate veteran homelessness. Our brothers, with the support of our protector the Mighty Hercules, we vow to aid in dissolving homelessness. We help by partnering with area local food banks to help build, deliver and furnish food, as well as health and comfort packages to veterans in need. Our mission objectives of Strength, Faith, and Knowledge support those efforts. Our members have more than 250 years of field level experience serving, educating and defending the members of our communities both in and out of uniform.

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Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity, Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our National Programs are the driving force for our cause.  Our Youth Mentorship, and the eradication of veteran homelessness is essential to meeting our goal.  If you would like to support our initiatives, simply click the Donate Button. Your generosity will empower us to make a positive
change in our communities. Thank you for being supportive.

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