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MU BETA PHI​ MILITARY FRATERNITY INC. was Founded March 22, 2017 and officially incorporated April 17, 2017 by three Active Duty and Retired military men, across three branches of service.   Their aspirations to serve support and defend the men and women in the local and veteran communities amplified their passion to give back. In those aspirations, Mu Beta Phi was created. Built off the principle of Mission, Brotherhood, and Professionalism, the​ brothers of Mu Beta Phi, have taken a​ sworn oath to STRENGTHEN the veteran​ community, restore FAITH in the community, and broaden KNOWLEDGE to ​our Veterans.


The Brothers of MU BETA PHI are leaders in the local and veteran communities. We strive to develop our communities through education, advocacy, mentorship, motivation and most importantly, development of our youth and defense of our veterans. Our primary objectives of strengthening the local and veteran communities, restoring faith in the veteran communities and broadening the knowledge of our veterans we serve, are key in our success. Standing with dedicated men and organizations to fulfill this goal, we provide a haven to develop brotherhood, friendship, community involvement and change for the greater good.  We are family, we are servicemen, we are stewards and through that we have one common goal; STRENGTH IN UNITY!


The Imperial Standard, which has become the way of life in the Brothers of Mu Beta Phi and recognized as a set of standards for acceptance into our great organization in which they were founded. This set criteria have authored the standards upon which men should be recruited into Mu Beta Phi.



Frustrated with the state of veteran support, and service member
needs, Dr. Gary Ammons, Clifton Powell and Darren Coney gave
birth the notion of creating a fraternal brotherhood unlike any other. This
passion gave birth to Mu beta Phi Military Fraternity, Inc. on March
22, 2017, which led to the evolution of the Military Fraternity and
what it stood for. In May of 2017 Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity,
Inc. welcomed it’s first 10 initiates onboard Joint Expeditionary
Base Little Creek/Ft. Story in Virginia Beach, Virginia.



Founder Clifton Powell spearheaded the initial formation of the first
of two National Programs, the Mighty Warriors Youth Affiliate,
becoming the first Military Fraternity with a federally funded program
by the Senate Armed Service Committee. Founder Powell oversaw
the curriculum development and the first five program mentors that
would lead to the training and initiation of seven charter members in
Hampton Roads, Virginia. Many of the Charter Mighty Warriors
would go on to graduate high school and attend higher learning



In the Spring of 2019, Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity, Inc.
held the first ever National Summons in the legendary Las
Vegas Nevada. The National Summons brought together
fraternal members worldwide, along with various Military
Greek Letter Organizations, City Leaders, and charitable
organization to discuss veteran outreach and advocacy
services. Mu Beta Phi would go on to hold the Biennial
Conference in Miami, Florida, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

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