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Privacy Policy

Pursuant to:
The Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a, as amended)
Freedom of Information Act of 2023 (ss 2.2-3700)


MU BETA PHI MILITARY FRATERNITY INCORPORATED collects information about you (“Personal Information”) and your use of our Sites, some of which may be sensitive Personal Information (“Sensitive Personal Information”) and some of which may not be personally identifiable (“De-identified Information”). We collect Personal Information, Sensitive Personal Information, and De-identified Information about customers and Site visitors, in primarily these ways: directly from a Potential Candidate or Site visitor; from or about military service and applicants applying for or using our Membership Education Program, employment and/or youth access  offered by Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Incorporated or third parties to which we provide services; from our web server & application logs, cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies; from our apps; and from third-parties.


We define Personal Information as information that directly identifies an individual, such as name, residential street address or postal address, email address, and date of birth.


Sensitive Personal Information is Personal Information that includes a Social Security number, driver’s license number, government issued identification number, Department of Defense Identification Number, credit card number, bank account or other financial institution account number, or username and password.


We define De-identified Information as information about an individual or about categories or groups of individuals that does not identify you individually, such as randomly assigned values in “cookies” and other technical information. We also collect other information that may not identify you individually, such as occupation and other employment information, source of income, and other information.

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